From the simplest shot to movies and music videos I have the equipment you need for most local environments.  4K cameras portable lighting, wireless sound.

I am very proficient in both Premiere Pro CC and DaVinci Resolve. I built a custom editing computer, and have a high end laptop for Mobile editing requirements.

I have an excellent eye for color and can give your final product with the look you want.

Whether on location, or sitting in a conferemce room, I can help you get your interview setup and give you crisp clear audio and video for whatever purpose you need. 

For Actors/Directors:
I can also take your previous work and put together a nice professional Video Reel that you can take to potential Clients/Agents/Producers etc.
Video Editing
Color Grading

These are the basic services I am ready to offer you.  If you have differentl or additional needs not specified here please ask.  I am happy to consider other opportunities.

Coming Soon